Equity and Inclusion

What We Believe

Cascadia's core values are quality, innovation, objectivity, equity, and sustainability. Cascadia strives to build these values into our services and the way we do business.

At Cascadia, we are committed to increasing our partnerships with women and minority-owned firms, working with small firms in a way that provides meaningful opportunities that strengthen and build their business, and evaluating our internal practices to foster an inclusive and equitable culture that ultimately increases the diversity of our own staff.

Our Approach to Hiring

Cascadia's core values are quality, innovation, objectivity, equity, and sustainability. As such, we seek to hire individuals who share these values and who contribute to our cultural fluency as a multicultural organization. We value employees who are aware of how their lived experiences inform their thinking and perspective, who understand how those experiences impact their work and interactions, and who therefore can effectively and respectfully connect across culture and difference.

In that spirit, we encourage all who share these core values and who are passionate about our mission, regardless of background, to join our team!

Employment Opportunities

Partnering Opportunities

Cascadia is always looking for opportunities to work with partners who can bring their unique perspectives and approaches to our work. Our ultimate goal is to form long-standing relationships with small businesses and with women-, minority-, LGBT-, and veteran-owned businesses in a way that supports their growth and development, that overcomes barriers to equity in our industry, and that creates win-win-win opportunities for Cascadia, our WMBE partners, and the clients we serve. 

If you are interested in working together, please contact us directly at (206) 343-9759 or use the form provided below.

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