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Dec 01

Cascadia Consulting Group Second-Generation Ownership Transition Complete

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Cascadia Consulting Group Second-Generation Ownership Transition Complete  

SEATTLE, WA, December 1, 2015—Cascadia Consulting Group is pleased to announce the transfer of majority ownership to its Executive Management Team members and senior staff. Earlier this month, founders Charlie Scott and Marc Daudon completed a sale of shares to Ruth Bell (Principal), Francis Icasiano (CEO), and Amity Lumper (Principal). All three have been leaders at Cascadia for more than a decade and have co-managed the firm since early 2014. Cascadia’s new ownership group also includes Christy Shelton (Principal) and Gwen Vernon (Senior Associate).

With this transition, Cascadia becomes a minority-and women-owned business and has already qualified for certification with various agencies as both a Women-and Minority-Owned Business Enterprise (WMBE) and a Small Contractor and Supplier (SCS) firm.

Under second-generation ownership, Cascadia will continue to make a positive difference for clients, community, and the environment for years to come. By transferring ownership internally, the firm will maintain its defining culture, ethos, and high quality standards, ensuring value for clients and staff. The second-generation ownership team is excited to forge Cascadia's future brand and vision while continuing to deliver exceptional client service.

“As the founders of Cascadia over 20 years ago, Marc and Charlie have made huge contributions to environmental stewardship throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond,” said Icasiano. “With the ownership transition complete, we’re looking forward to Cascadia’s next 20 years, continuing to provide the highest-quality, objective services to our clients and building on a legacy of excellence and leadership in sustainability.”

Daudon will serve as Senior Strategic Advisor in a consulting capacity beginning January 2016 focusing on climate change, energy, and natural resource issues. Scott will continue as a Senior Principal working closely with the Recycling and Materials Management line of business.

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Cascadia Consulting Group Inc. is a for-profit consulting firm that inspires and empowers communities everywhere to protect and restore our world. Cascadia brings expertise and creativity to all aspects of sustainability programs, from research and strategic planning to analysis, program implementation, outreach, and evaluation. Learn more about our projects and who we work with, including clients and partners by visiting us at

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