Clif Bar

Location: California

Clif Bar, a high profile U.S.-based maker of organic energy bars with a strong sustainability focus, established a goal to achieve 85% diversion at their headquarters by the end of 2013, and 90% by the end of 2014. The company contracted Cascadia to design and conduct a study that would produce reliable estimates of the quantities and types of materials generated and discarded across headquarter facilities—including an office building, warehouse, and childcare center—as well as identify and recommend new diversion opportunities. Cascadia's work, begun in 2012, documented material generation and flows, identified new waste reduction opportunities, and provided a metrics for measuring progress toward zero waste goals. The result? The company achieved measurable waste diversion results that can be communicated with confidence to employees, shareholders, and customers. 

Cascadia is very organized; their work product is thorough. I appreciated their flexibility and responsiveness. I just appreciated their ability to take our interests and put them into a tangible work product and a plan. The thoroughness of their work really led to a product that was very relevant to us and that we still use in our work. As a whole, the firm seems to be much more comfortable with field work than other consultants.

Kathy Cote
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