Climate and Energy Action Plan


Cascadia is working with the City of Ashland, OR to create a comprehensive climate and energy action plan that builds on the City’s current efforts with new adaptation and mitigation strategies. The project began with a goal-setting process—conducted in close collaboration with City staff—and the identification and review of current climate action efforts in the city; building on this baseline understanding, we’re now working with community members and other stakeholders to build broad public involvement in the project and crowdsource a range of potential mitigation and adaptation strategies. Our team is preparing to work with Ashland to complete the plan by prioritizing mitigation and adaptation strategies and presenting them along with a current emissions baseline, target emissions reductions, and a summary of climate risks facing the city. At the end of the project, our team will present Ashland with a final Climate and Energy Action Plan, an implementation guide, and a monitoring and evaluation plan—in short, everything it needs to scale down its emissions and minimize the harmful impacts of climate change on the city’s residents.

I was very pleased with the experience we had recently working with Cascadia to develop our carbon inventory and finalize our sustainable action guide. It’s a very daunting task to begin the process of changing the way we do business and measure our success so to have the combination of expertise and patience that you brought to the effort really made it enjoyable. I look forward to continuing to work with Cascadia as BNBuilders moves farther and farther along in this process.

Roger Capestany-González
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