Climate Impact Assessment


Cascadia is working with the Port Gamble S’Klallam Tribe to draft a detailed climate impact assessment. The report is tailored to reflect the Tribe’s unique context, including the economic, cultural, and dietary importance of fish—particularly salmon—and shellfish harvested from Puget Sound. Our work focuses on identifying a range of expected climate impacts on these species, other fauna, and a range of vulnerable natural and human systems, including the effects of extreme weather events, drought, changing rainfall patterns, ocean acidification, and other climate-driven environmental changes.  The project includes conducting a literature review, coordinating with climate scientists to identify relevant recent science to enhance the report, and drafting the report itself. Cascadia is also working with the Tribe to develop and test a climate change science liaison mechanism to increase the flow of information between Tribes and universities.

The city has been well served by our involvement with the Cascadia team—definitely worth the time and effort and money. They got us going with an exciting plan: how we can embrace clean energy, green solutions to help support the city’s economic development strategies.

Alex Pietsch
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