Climate Impacts Decision Support Tool (CIMPACT-DST™)


Cascadia's Climate Impacts Decision Support Tool (CIMPACT-DST™) is the first of its kind: an integrated and customizable software platform for quickly identifying climate change risks and potential adaptation solutions. The tool combines the latest climate change science, recent studies, and best-practice adaptation strategies in a single, intuitive platform, and provides users with tailored outputs based on their sector, location, and timeframe of interest. The tool’s projections and analysis enable planners and policymakers to easily integrate climate considerations into projects and planning.

I was very pleased with the experience we had recently working with Cascadia to develop our carbon inventory and finalize our sustainable action guide. It’s a very daunting task to begin the process of changing the way we do business and measure our success so to have the combination of expertise and patience that you brought to the effort really made it enjoyable. I look forward to continuing to work with Cascadia as BNBuilders moves farther and farther along in this process.

Roger Capestany-González
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