Climate Risk Assessment

Location: Washington

Sound Transit plans, builds, and operates a range of commuter transit services in the densely populated Puget Sound corridor—home to over 3.6 million residents. Cascadia is working with Sound Transit to assess, prioritize, and implement adaptation strategies to address climate impacts on its infrastructure systems, from heat-induced rail buckling of rail tracks to increased flooding at transit stations. We began in 2014, conducting market research, developing climate adaptation targets and metrics, and facilitating staff workshops to prioritize adaptation options for the agency’s Sustainability Plan. Building on this assessment, Cascadia and Sound Transit are working together to implement the adaptation measures that were chosen. 

Working with Cascadia was excellent from the very beginning to the very end. They kept up with what was going on, they communicated with me when there were problems, and they proposed solutions. Wrapping up the project—I couldn’t believe it. The report was on target.”

Laurel Andrews
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