Environment Program Evaluation and Strategic Plan


Through a combination of internal interviews and independent research, Cascadia conducted an evaluation of the Oak Foundation Environment Program’s global grants (which totaled over $151 million from 2009-2013) in the areas of climate change mitigation and marine conservation. Oak is one of the five largest foundation contributors to grants in these two fields; it seeks to help achieve a zero-carbon global economy and advance the recovery of marine fisheries and habitats. Cascadia is currently building on the evaluation findings by facilitating a strategic planning process for program staff, which will result in a new framework to guide the Foundation’s work in these areas over the next five years. Our work with Oak also includes creating a Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning Plan that assesses the foundation’s current ability to track the progress and real-world impacts of its grants and provides recommendations for how better to ensure its dollars have the greatest positive impact possible.

Cascadia has really good people who are genuinely engaged in a project. It’s not just about doing a job for them—they’re genuinely passionate and care about environmental issues. I can count on them and they make it easy to do so.

Andrea Petzel
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