Extreme Events Facilitation


The City of Fort Collins, nestled in the Colorado Rockies, is surrounded by staggering natural beauty—but this location also puts it at risk for certain climate change-related risks, including more frequent and severe heat waves, droughts, and wildfires. To help the City understand and plan for these extreme events, Cascadia facilitated a stakeholder engagement and dynamic planning process focused on the impacts of wildfire smoke and extreme heat. We began the process by compiling a comprehensive list of impacts and potential adaptation options, and built on this research by designing and leading three workshops to shortlist and prioritize measures. Our facilitation approach brought together existing local knowledge and expert research and analysis to lay out an actionable path forward for the City that aligned with its existing frameworks and planning processes. Cascadia also supported the development of an implementation plan and communications material, including public web content.

Cascadia is very organized; their work product is thorough. I appreciated their flexibility and responsiveness. I just appreciated their ability to take our interests and put them into a tangible work product and a plan. The thoroughness of their work really led to a product that was very relevant to us and that we still use in our work. As a whole, the firm seems to be much more comfortable with field work than other consultants.

Kathy Cote
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