Natural Yard Care Program Evaluation

Location: Washington

Working with more than 15 municipal partners, Snohomish County and the City of Olympia are leading two programs to change resident practices that impact watershed health. The first is centered around evening workshops on natural yard care; the second is a comprehensive program on natural lawn care featuring home visits, workshops, and incentives. Cascadia is working to assess the effectiveness of each program in creating lasting behavior change. Drawing from background research on previous programs and evaluation strategies, Cascadia developed and implemented baseline, interim, and post-program surveys of program participants and a non-participating control group. We used the resulting data to produce a cost-benefit analysis, and our findings will provide a foundation on which to consider future regional investments in water quality programs. The executive summary and full evaluation report are provided below.

Executive Summary

Full Report


The city has been well served by our involvement with the Cascadia team—definitely worth the time and effort and money. They got us going with an exciting plan: how we can embrace clean energy, green solutions to help support the city’s economic development strategies.

Alex Pietsch
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