SPU Green Business Program

Location: Washington

Cascadia manages all aspects of Seattle Public Utilities’ multi-million dollar Green Business program, which provides outreach, education, and technical assistance to Seattle businesses to conserve water and resources, reduce or prevent pollution, and become more energy efficient. Cascadia has connected with more than 8,000 businesses and provided on-the-ground implementation assistance to more than 4,400, including major hotels, restaurants, hospitals, architecture and law firms, and large event venues.

Conserving natural resources starts with free on-site technical assistance for businesses. Our multilingual and multicultural outreach staff provide in-language assistance and resources to ethnic businesses all over the city. The program also builds consumer awareness with its Get on the Map campaign, which showcases Seattle’s green businesses to customers. Seattle’s conservation efforts have led to a 20% reduction in overall water use (to the lowest annual water use level in 50 years) and a 30% reduction in waste tonnage sent to the landfill from 2000 to 2010.

Cascadia was very open to listening to what we had to say. They were responsive to the things that we wanted to emphasize. They put out a good project—a polished, well thought-out product.”

Jim Stevens
Cascadia offers a full suite of capabilities, skills, and problem-solving to help you optimize resource use, eliminate waste, and save money.
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