Tacoma Climate Risk Assessment


The City of Tacoma chose Cascadia to lead a team to identify and report on climate change-related risks to its infrastructure assets, natural systems, and social systems. As part of this process, our team—which includes the University of Washington’s Climate Impacts Group—facilitated two stakeholder workshops to raise awareness and understanding of anticipated climate impacts and gather a range of independent feedback on potential adaptation and risk-reduction measures. The final document highlights key local climate impacts and vulnerabilities that City departments, developers, conservation groups, and others can use to plan and prioritize projects using a climate lens. The report also provides a shortlist of adaptation strategies and recommends areas of further study that take into consideration the City’s priorities, resource constraints, and unique opportunities to adapt to or mitigate climate risks.

Cascadia is very organized; their work product is thorough. I appreciated their flexibility and responsiveness. I just appreciated their ability to take our interests and put them into a tangible work product and a plan. The thoroughness of their work really led to a product that was very relevant to us and that we still use in our work. As a whole, the firm seems to be much more comfortable with field work than other consultants.

Kathy Cote
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