Waste Management Oakland Multifamily

Location: California

In July of 2015, the City of Oakland initiated new waste and recycling collection services citywide, along with mandatory recycling and organics requirements. Oakland Recycles, a collaboration between the City and its two waste and recycling service providers, partnered with Cascadia to assist multifamily properties during the early part of this transition.

Cascadia worked collaboratively with Oakland Recycles—as well as the East Bay Rental Housing Association, Civicorps, Northern California Recycling Association, and other key stakeholders—to create and launch a new multifamily outreach program. The goal of the program, which is grounded in community-based social marketing principles, is to maximize the multifamily sector’s participation in the new recycling and organics collection programs and increase compliance with new recycling mandates. At the heart of this effort is our “Zero Waste Ambassador” team. Our Ambassadors—young Oaklanders with a passion for sustainability—participate in a green jobs training program, and provide outreach and technical assistance to Oakland’s residents and property managers. 

I wanted to provide some specific feedback on your team. They were terrific to work with. I was so impressed with their thoroughness, excellent coordination, and ability to tailor the presentation to the federal audience and the multiple locations. They were also up for anything--doing a waste sort in a conference room via videoconferencing! I’m sure this is not a traditional request, but they made it work. The attendees were very engaged and I sincerely believe that this training will result in on the ground improvements.

Lisa McArthur
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