Zero Waste Planning for VF Corporation

Location: Washington

Reducing waste across a global network of distribution facilities, retail stores, and corporate offices

Cascadia is working with VF Corporation—the world's largest apparel company—to reduce waste at its global network of distribution facilities, retail stores, and corporate offices. During the first phase of the project, we surveyed facilities to create a comprehensive global baseline of operational waste. Our current work is focused on identifying innovative opportunities to increase diversion, reduce waste, and cut costs at select facilities throughout the US and abroad. In addition, Cascadia consults with VF’s corporate office on companywide waste reduction strategies, progress, and best practices. Our recommendations have laid the groundwork for the development of a companywide zero waste strategy and action plan

I wanted to provide some specific feedback on your team. They were terrific to work with. I was so impressed with their thoroughness, excellent coordination, and ability to tailor the presentation to the federal audience and the multiple locations. They were also up for anything--doing a waste sort in a conference room via videoconferencing! I’m sure this is not a traditional request, but they made it work. The attendees were very engaged and I sincerely believe that this training will result in on the ground improvements.

Lisa McArthur
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