Michael Acode



Michael Acode (he, him his) is an Associate and Field Manager, specializing in managing and conducting waste characterization studies and outreach projects. Michael brings five years and around 5,000 hours of experience in environmental fieldwork, ranging from waste, recycling, and organics categorization to qualitative analysis, facilitation support, and public engagement. As the Field Lead for numerous waste stream studies, Michael helps Cascadia attain viable data for organizations, businesses, and government bodies throughout North America. Additionally, he has aided in a variety of outreach efforts informing both residents and businesses of the Greater Seattle area about the benefits of waste diversion. Before joining Cascadia, Michael earned a BA in Environmental Studies from the University of Washington, exploring the correlation between sustainability and sports. Aside from rummaging through waste, Michael enjoys spending quality time with his family and friends, doing anything active, and exploring what the culinary world has to offer.

Michael Acode , Associate
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