Andrea Lai



Andrea Lai joined Cascadia in 2015 to provide research, writing, and analysis support to projects in the Recycling and Materials Management Practice Area. She has researched and recommended best practices for waste diversion for Louisville Metro Government in Kentucky and for several counties in Washington. Prior to joining Cascadia, Andrea wrote research grant applications, equipment specifications, and process operation documents for LanzaTech, Inc, translating complex biochemistry concepts into audience-appropriate language for academics, business partners, and government. She also helped commission the company’s first demonstration plant in Shanghai, China, working with the team to produce thousands of gallons of low-carbon fuel from steel mill emissions. Andrea holds a B.S. in Biological Engineering from Franklin W. Olin College and is fluent in Mandarin. When she’s not at work, you will probably find her knitting, reading science fiction, riding a bike, or looking for something delicious to eat. 

Andrea Lai , Associate
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