Jess Halter



Jess joins Cascadia as part of the Recycling & Materials Management team where she provides on-site assistance to businesses and apartments throughout the Bay Area. She relies on her background in behavioral neuroscience and interest in behavior change strategies to motivate people to reduce waste. She enjoys educating people in her community one-on-one or in large staff-wide trainings in either English or Spanish. She also enjoys working with large manufacturers and distributers to reduce waste.

Prior to Cascadia, Jess worked at IPG Media Lab as a project manager where she designed research surveys, set up data collection strategies, collected and tracked data, managed client relationships, and synthesized reports for large-scale market research projects. She also implemented food compost collection programs at Colgate University and managed the university’s community garden. When not implementing behavior change projects for Cascadia, she can be found carrying a heavy backpack through the woods, climbing up rocks, playing competitive ultimate frisbee, and savoring delicious food after her most recent active pursuit.

Jess Halter , Associate
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