Kirstin Hervin



Kirstin Hervin joined Cascadia in 2013 to manage, analyze, and model solid waste, recycling, and composting data. Kirstin excels at developing models and analytical tools to measure and forecast generation and diversion impacts across waste streams and sectors. At Cascadia, she has gotten down and dirty with waste data for Spokane County, SeaTac Airport, Metro Oregon, and CalRecycle. Between analyses, Kirstin tries to get out sorting in the field as much as possible. Before joining Cascadia, she completed a M.S. in Environmental Systems with a focus on Energy Technology and Policy from Humboldt State University. Kirstin was introduced to waste characterization data—gathered by Cascadia, in fact— through her work for the Humboldt County Waste Management Authority that analyzed the feasibility of a zero-landfill waste management system that recovered energy from residuals using a gasification system.

Kirstin Hervin , Associate
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