Omkar Aphale

Senior Associate


Omkar, or “Om”, provides extensive quantitative analysis and methodology design support on Cascadia’s sustainable materials management projects.  He believes in a “hands-on” approach, and regularly engages in field work (including sample collection and waste sorting) to better appreciate the practicalities and nuances of data collection.


Omkar received his doctorate in 2015 from Stony Brook University (SBU), New York, where he conducted academic research on municipal solid waste management. His research included waste characterization studies, evaluation of single-stream recycling programs, and an exploration of the link between recycling rates and population demographics. He has also engaged in research surrounding groundwater simulation modeling, and continues to collaborate with SBU on electric vehicle and residential solar power research. Omkar also volunteers for Engineers for a Sustainable World (ESW) as a program coordinator.


Born and brought up in India, Omkar relocated to Seattle to join Cascadia after spending nearly 10 years on Long Island, New York. He enjoys British comedy, obligatory reading of the classics, slapstick movies, and occasional sketching/painting. Omkar likes to try out new things, and always welcomes suggestions for new restaurants and places to explore.

Omkar Aphale , Senior Associate
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