Tristan Smit



Tristan is a Project Coordinator at Cascadia, providing support to the Climate and Natural Resources team. Tristan offers insight and support for greenhouse gas accounting, climate action and adaptation planning, researching and drafting climate impact summaries, and data analysis. Tristan holds a B.S. with Honors in Biomedical Science at Northern Arizona University (NAU) and recently earned an M.S. with distinction in Climate Science and Solutions. While pursuing his graduate degree, he worked with the City of Flagstaff and NAU to prepare their Climate Action and Adaptation Plans. When he is not working on a spreadsheet or helping write a plan, you can find Tristan whipping up some delicious pasta or scrambled eggs in the kitchen, showing off his hidden juggling and magic skills, or administering puns to anyone within a listening distance. (Because when it comes to puns, Tristan is like renewable energy; he’s a big fan.)

Tristan Smit , Associate
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