Andrea Martin


Sustainability Planning, Research & Analysis, Decision Support Tools, Climate Change


As a scientist-turned-practitioner, Andrea’s passion is to help translate and simplify complex environmental concepts into action-oriented plans and strategies. Since joining Cascadia in 2011, Andrea has led sustainability, climate mitigation, and climate resiliency analysis and planning projects for a range of local government clients. She is currently managing the development of Columbia, Missouri’s Climate Action and Adaptation Plan—a multi-stakeholder, public-facing planning process that includes conducting a greenhouse gas analysis, climate vulnerability assessment, and  multi-criteria strategy assessment. She also co-manages regional transit agency Sound Transit’s On-Call Sustainability Services contract—which has included development and implementation of the agency’s Climate Adaptation Strategy, Sustainability Plan, and greenhouse gas inventory. Andrea’s recent planning projects include crafting an Internal Operations Sustainability Strategy for Teton County (WY); Climate and Energy Plan for the City of Ashland (OR); and Climate Action and Adaptation Plan for Flagstaff (AZ). Other recent activities include conducting a land carbon sequestration potential analysis for the City of Fort Collins (CO); defining carbon neutrality for King County (WA); and developing tools to assess past and future greenhouse gas emissions for the City of Bellevue (WA). Prior to joining Cascadia, Andrea worked in a biogeochemistry laboratory at the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center, where she examined the adaptability of coastal wetlands to future climate conditions.  Andrea holds a Master’s degree in Environmental Management with a focus in Environmental Economics and Policy from Duke University and a B.S. in Biology with Honors from the University of North Carolina. On the weekends, you can find Andrea walking along the beach with her daughter, Juniper, near her home in Charleston, South Carolina.

Andrea Martin , Director
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