Kendra White

Senior Associate

Sustainability Planning, Research & Analysis, Strategic Planning & Facilitation, Climate Change


Kendra creates and customizes models and methods to support informed decision making. With a strong background in economics, modeling, and public policy, Kendra provides clients with nuanced analyses and innovative strategies regarding renewable energy, zero waste, and sustainability. Currently, she is the lead analyst for Sound Transit’s renewable energy strategy and the lead researcher for Seattle City Light’s commercial renewable energy initiative. Previously, Kendra led Sound Transit’s sustainability inventory modeling, supported Sound Transit’s Sustainability Plan update, and developed an internal database of zero waste strategies. Before joining Cascadia, Kendra worked as an economist at the WA Utilities and Transportation Commission, where she analyzed rate structures, created pricing strategies for resource conservation measures, and provided legal testimony for rate cases. Kendra studied economics at Colgate University in Upstate New York and researched farmers’ markets as a fellow for the Institute of Philosophy, Politics, and Economics. Outside of work, Kendra enjoys cooking ambitious meals with local foods.

Kendra White , Senior Associate
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