Stefan Moedritzer

Senior Associate


Stefan provides zero waste strategy, implementation, and analysis expertise to Cascadia’s public and private sector clients. As a LEED AP specializing in Building Operations and Maintenance, Stefan brings innovative materials management strategies to the built environment, and enjoys working with property managers and business owners to decrease their environmental footprint. Stefan also manages Cascadia’s internal marketing team, and is responsible for social media and public relations for the company.  Before joining Cascadia, Stefan worked with a sustainable finance start-up in Seattle to develop their marketing and operations management programs. He also spent several years with the City of Seattle and Seattle Public Schools leading environmental restoration workshops, community outreach and education seminars, and advising multicultural youth leadership programs.  When he is not out sorting garbage or working on a spreadsheet, you can either find Stefan in the kitchen or pretending to jog around Lake Merritt. 

Stefan Moedritzer , Senior Associate
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