Recycling & Materials Management

Cascadia is an industry leader in providing data-driven analyses, practical strategies, and on-the-ground assistance to reduce waste and increase recycling. Our waste prevention and diversion programs cover the full materials management life cycle, from downstream characterization studies and technical assistance to upstream planning and behavior change initiatives.

Waste Characterization

When it comes to characterizing solid waste streams, we get our hands dirty so that your data comes out clean. Cascadia performs the highest quality waste characterization studies in the world, accurately quantifying what's in your waste so that you can make informed decisions about waste management. When you hire Cascadia, you can be confident that your waste study:

  • Has been designed by a statistics expert. Cascadia has a full-time statistician and a team of statistical experts who will design your study to be unbiased and representative of your sampling populations, and so that it meets your requirements for confidence level, confidence interval, and budget.
  • Utilizes full-time professional staff with decades of waste sorting experience. Not all sort teams are created equal. Our professional sort crews have the experience and know-how to ensure that materials are selected, sorted, and weighed accurately and according to the design of the study.
  • Observes multiple quality assurance protocols to protect the integrity of your data.  Our quality assurance procedures include data backup and redundancy, unique sample ID numbers, maintaining chain-of-custody information, double-entry of data with random spot checks, and batch reviews.
  • Can be benchmarked with comparable data from other cities. We maintain the largest database of waste characterization data available, which we can use to help customize the design of your study and against which we can benchmark your data.
  • Conforms to strict safety standards. Cascadia provides all of its sorters with through safety training and site-specific safety plans that have resulted in a multi-year accident-free safety record.
  • Produces the highest quality data possible. Period.

Before you work with another service provider, be sure to ask them:

  • What confidence interval and confidence level does their study design result in?
  • How does the study design ensure that the data is a representative sample of the waste population?
  • What is their sort team's average number of years of experience?
  • What quality assurance procedures do they have in place?
  • How many accidents or injury reports have they had in the last five years?


Zero Waste Planning

We help our clients reach their zero waste goals by identifying innovative opportunities to cut costs, improve efficiency, and eliminate waste in materials, energy, and water. Our proprietary tools and waste data provide managers and service providers with insight into the top opportunities to cut costs by reducing waste.

Multifamily and Commercial Programs

We create significant opportunities for upstream waste reduction by developing and managing innovative behavior change programs for businesses and multifamily properties.

Organics Solutions

We help our clients maximize the value of organics programs through feedstock studies, food waste prevention strategies, food rescue, and compostable packaging insight. We help divert organics waste through technical assistance and behavior change outreach in the commercial, multifamily, and residential sectors.

Market Development

Our knowledge and relationships across the entire recycling value chain help equip our clients to take advantage of market opportunities for a full range of materials – from traditional recyclables to more unique items. From plastic bottles to asphalt roofing, textiles, and construction debris, we’ll help you get the most out of your waste streams.

Waste Prevention & Diversion
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