Education & Behavior Change

We’re very convincing. With outreach and education strategies rooted in social science research and community-based social marketing principles, Cascadia can spur any audience to take action to conserve resources and benefit the environment. We create effective behavior change programs by pairing proven outreach strategies with research on the specific barriers in your community or organization, resulting in tailored messages that resonate with your target audience.

On the ground, we’re in sync with the needs of busy residents, property managers and business owners, delivering seamless and unintrusive technical assistance that achieves resource conservation in commercial and multifamily settings. We engage in culturally appropriate and visually appealing communication, personally connecting with people of all backgrounds and effectively getting your message across.  

Behavior Change Primary
Cascadia offers a full suite of capabilities, skills, and problem-solving to help you optimize resource use, eliminate waste, and save money.
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