Resource Conservation

Cascadia has more than 20 years of experience managing sustainability programs that lead to real and measurable impact. We design innovative initiatives to engage diverse audiences—such as residents, business owners, customers, and shareholders—and achieve sustainability goals and targets. We excel at providing the training and educational materials needed to turn citizens into ambassadors for conservation programs.


We develop energy programs that make customers happy. Customer interest in renewable energy is growing, from community solar to Solarize; demand for utility discount programs is also on the rise. Cascadia designs innovative, integrated programs for utilities and municipalities that reduce energy consumption, save money, and increase customer satisfaction.


We manage water conservation programs from start to finish—from design, to implementation, to evaluation and reporting. We are highly qualified to drive results and achieve your water use reduction goals by facilitating equipment upgrades and providing commercial technical assistance and residential outreach and education. Our focus is on shifting thinking as well as behavior, which means your program will have a meaningful impact on water use for years to come.

Resource Conservation
Cascadia offers a full suite of capabilities, skills, and problem-solving to help you optimize resource use, eliminate waste, and save money.
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