Our Ownership Team is Growing!

We’re thrilled to announce that Cascadia has expanded our ownership team, welcoming 14 current employees as partners! This broader, more diverse and representative ownership team aligns strongly with Cascadia’s mission and values as a majority women-owned company, and will help ensure that we continue to center diversity and representation as we grow.

Cascadia Consulting Group is a certified small, women-owned consulting firm working to foster sustainability in communities, businesses, and organizations.

We support early research and decision-making and provide on-the-ground implementation in diverse, multicultural communities. Our broad, interdisciplinary skillset is tailored to meet today’s complex challenges.

Community Engagement
Delivering multicultural outreach, engagement, communications, and behavior change rooted in social marketing and co-design principles.
Equity and Inclusion
Collaborating alongside the communities most impacted by social and environmental health and justice challenges to shape inclusive, innovative, and effective solutions.
Climate Change
Partnering with public, private, and tribal agencies to create strategic climate action plans rooted in research and supported by stakeholders.
Waste, Recycling and Reuse
Delivering data-driven analyses, practical strategies, and on-the-ground outreach and assistance to prevent waste, increase diversion, and drive toward a circular economy.
Sustainable Transportation
Designing and implementing transportation solutions that move communities forward in practical, equitable, and sustainable ways.
Stormwater and Green Infrastructure
Operating alongside planners and developers to promote low impact development, natural drainage, sustainable land care, and stormwater compliance within communities.
Energy and Water
Designing and managing energy and water efficiency programs that lead to measurable environmental, economic, and equity benefits.
Natural Resources
Providing stakeholder engagement, facilitation, and subject matter expertise to help solve the most complex natural resource challenges.

Cascadia's mission is to inspire and empower communities everywhere to protect and restore our world.

Our team prioritizes community, collaboration, resilience, and quality. We build these values into everything that we do.

Working in close partnership with clients and communities, we strive for change that can be experienced and measured.

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