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Below are selected work samples that correspond to our work engaging multifamily property managers and residents in the City of Redmond.

Project Summary

Cascadia performed a comprehensive outreach project in the City of Redmond targeted to multifamily properties to address diversion and waste prevention by collaborating with the city to design educational materials for multifamily residents, supporting properties in setting up adequate waste and recycling services, prioritizing recycling right education to residents over quantity recycling, tracking contamination data in the recycling stream, and equipping property managers with educational toolkits for their residents. Cascadia’s technical assistance team conducted contactless site visits at multifamily properties to evaluate service levels and collection setups and to complete an initial bin audit to provide an estimate of recycling and contamination rates. Building on the results of the site visits, Cascadia worked closely with property managers to make onsite service recommendations to increase recycling capacity and supplements these capacity changes with an education campaign that includes posters, signage, and a new move-in suite of materials for residents that includes detailed tools and information about how to properly sort and dispose of waste. Cascadia also created a new set of posters that highlight recycling right behaviors, and behaviors to avoid.

Work Samples

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