Zero Waste Strategy Development and Implementation

VF is a global apparel company that includes brands such as the North Face, Vans, Timberland, and Smartwool. VF’s ambitious environmental sustainability efforts elevate its commitment to take bold action on climate change to protect the planet for generations to come.

Since 2012, Cascadia has worked with VF Corporation to: set a baseline and track global operational waste quantities and costs; develop facility-specific action pathways to increase diversion, reduce waste, and save money; and implement new waste reduction initiatives to meet VF’s ambitious waste goals. Cascadia works closely with VF’s global distribution centers, which contribute 81% of its global operational waste footprint, to exceed VF’s criteria for zero waste facilities. Through these efforts, VF has diverted more than 141,000 metric tons of materials from the landfill through recycling and reuse across its distribution center network since FY17.

In addition to working with VF’s waste and recycling from its own operations, Cascadia also supports VF in measuring and assessing waste from its packaging and products. The data we've collected have informed and helped track progress towards several internal and external goals.

Through this work, we’ve deepened our understanding of the waste issues that face retail and apparel companies—from headquarters to customers and from distribution centers to retail stores. We’re excited to see the continuous progress VF has made towards its array of sustainability goals outlined in their annual report “Purpose. Driven.” We are proud to see many of the results of our work together on operational, product, and packaging waste highlighted in this year’s report.


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